Using Social Media to Help Customers Find Your Treasures: Map Illustration

Can't beat being asked to create a pirate treasure map illustration, even a modernized one that includes Facebook and computer references.

That's exactly what MJSA Journal (the jewelry manufacturing industry magazine) asked of me to accompany an article about using social media to help connect with customers online and lead them to your products.

So for a while it was pirate time in the studio -- minus the hook hand, patch over one eye and peg leg perched on the desk!  Thanks to Tina at MJSA for steering the ship towards this fun solution!
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Illustration: Hooking up Healthcare Economics Data

Visualizing health economics data was the task recently for a feature illustration in Research News. The article  describes how scientists are evaluating whether a given medical intervention is a good use of healthcare effort and dollars, hooking up various data points to help make the best health policy recommendations.

Here's a peek at the sketch options presented after a session of pecking and scratching at the paper.

Thanks to Alberta Innovates -- Health Solutions  and Lime Design for the project!

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Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports Award: Something Missing

I'm proud to mention that a Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports 2011 Silver Award has gone to an annual report designed by the Japan-based agency KF Design. My artwork had a role in the design, used on the cover and inside of the report for QOL Co., Ltd., a Japanese pharmaceutical/retail company, seen here:

But, if you're thumbing through the Graphis annual, you won't be getting the full picture. Somehow they printed only a tiny, cropped portion of the cover of the award-winning work (and my illustrations). Doh!

An unfortunate editing error, to say the least. (Also, I was credited as the IllusTATOR; so throw a funny typo into the mix, too.)

Aside from the recognition, this is an ideal opportunity to mention the subsequent 2010 and 2011 Annual Reports for QOL Co, both of which utilize my illustrations in their design, also created by KF Design. 

Hats off to QOL for going in such a playful direction with their communications materials and to KF Design for being recognized for their high-quality work.

Next time: Getting the Best Bang for Healthcare Buck
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Magazine Illustration: Keeping the Bombshell to Yourself, Or Not

So you work in IT and have privileged access to confidential data and stumble upon sensitive material that could be a bombshell for corporate (and co-worker) well-being.  Do you keep it a secret or not? This was the latest dilemma illustration for the Everyday Ethics column in The UC Observer.

(Also, I realize, this pretty much visualizes the experience of me attempting to upgrade system software. Or how some feel when Google or Facebook, etc. change privacy practices. Name your tech headache, that's what I was after here.)

Thanks to Caley for all the great assignments for UC Observer.

Next time: The Graphis 100 Award -- Severely Cropped Edition
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