Eating Disorders Illustration and Other Artwork with Helping Hands

I recently completed this illustration for a sensitive magazine story about helping and supporting those with eating conditions like anorexia and bulimia.

It reminded me that I've used the concept of open, welcoming hands as an element in previous visual solutions. 

Sean Kane Anorexia Bulimia art

A good pair of hands can work well as a representation of a humane, personal element without the specificity of showing a face, which in most cases would compete with the message or just confuse.

Here are some hands providing an alternative to going to court over a legal matter, representing mediators and arbitrators as neutral ground for arriving at dispute resolution. This was for a Black Enterprise article a few years ago.

Sean Kane Mediation Arbitration art

And one more illustration with cupped hands that I've previously mentioned, also having a legal angle. This one relates to anti-truancy programs created by judges to assist and support young people who have walked away from the educational system.

Sean Kane School Truancy art

So, a little round-up of welcoming pairs of hands at work in a few of my illustrations. I know I've painted fists and drawn confrontational, "don't come any closer" hands for projects over the years, but I'm partial to these hands that help.

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