Trial Lawyers as Storytellers: new Corporate Editorial Illustration

Writing a Trial Story that Comes to Life is Key to Courtroom Success


This art for the American Bar Association magazine 'Litigation' related to a young attorney learning the need to tell a story -- a complex one about a birth injury case -- and how to write it in a way that will engage and persuade a judge and jury.

Always a pleasure working with the ABA and thanks to them for being such fans of illustration.


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Annual Report Illustrations: Arrows Up for Japanese Pharmaceutical Retailer

Illustration Series Points Towards Key Business Elements I've had the honor of creating four illustrations for Japan's QOL Co. Ltd. 2012 Annual Report, or Guidebook, as they refer to it.

Sean Kane Illustration for Annual Report

Parts of each of the illustrations appear on the cover.

Sean Kane Illustration for Annual Report

Each image highlights an aspect of the company's business, from its pharmacy services and supporting computer network to educational programs and publishing.

Sean Kane Illustration for Annual Report

Fantastic working with KF Design, who wonderfully integrated individual corporate stories with photos and art. A big thanks to them, A2 Media and QOL.

__________ An annual report on the horizon or other big ideas to depict? Well then we should talk!: Artwork copyright Sean Kane.

Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports Award: Something Missing

I'm proud to mention that a Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports 2011 Silver Award has gone to an annual report designed by the Japan-based agency KF Design. My artwork had a role in the design, used on the cover and inside of the report for QOL Co., Ltd., a Japanese pharmaceutical/retail company, seen here:

But, if you're thumbing through the Graphis annual, you won't be getting the full picture. Somehow they printed only a tiny, cropped portion of the cover of the award-winning work (and my illustrations). Doh!

An unfortunate editing error, to say the least. (Also, I was credited as the IllusTATOR; so throw a funny typo into the mix, too.)

Aside from the recognition, this is an ideal opportunity to mention the subsequent 2010 and 2011 Annual Reports for QOL Co, both of which utilize my illustrations in their design, also created by KF Design. 

Hats off to QOL for going in such a playful direction with their communications materials and to KF Design for being recognized for their high-quality work.

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Book cover Illustration: Consumer-centric Healthcare

Recently completed book cover illustration for "Consumer-centric Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges for Providers".

The book deals with the rapidly transforming landscape of the U.S. health system, characterized by consumer demand for service based on price, quality, and ease of access.

Here are sketches that led to the final concept. The editor and art director at American College of Healthcare Executives wanted to see an airplane and globe in the final art to address the issue of people traveling abroad for care.

This is fairly typical of the way I approach coming up with solutions for projects. This one was a bit more involved as the illustration was going to end up dictating the cover design to a large degree.
Thanks to the team at ACHE's Health Administration Press.

This illustration is available for other print, web, and product licensing uses. Inquiries & Commissions: Please contact All rights reserved. Copyright Sean Kane.

Illustration Contribution to Award Winning CD

Pleased to hear that an instructional CD produced by Ceridian Corporation, for which I created the cover art, has been awarded a 2009 Gold Spotlight Award by the League of American Communications Professionals.

LACP recognizes exemplary communications capabilities worldwide.
Kind of like a Grammy or Gold Glove award of the PR world — without all the singing or baseballs.

Hats off to Ceridian. The artwork and more about the project and client is here.

Annual Report Illustrations for Japanese Pharmacy Company

Lots of excitement in the studio when I got my first glimpse of the completed Annual Report for Japan's QOL Co. Ltd. earlier this month. I've created illustrations for magazines in Japan, but this is the first time my work is being used for a corporate piece there, which is very satisfying.

The client, which operates pharmacies in Japan, wanted to include and modify existing images of mine along with new artwork to help tell the story about the company's philosophy, their business focus, and their people.

I had the good fortune to work with Japan-based corporate and editorial design specialists KF Design. (And they're bilingual, so my rusty, tourist-level language skills weren't needed.)

I believe this is QOL's first Annual Report, so hats off (and thanks) to them for choosing illustration to help connect with shareholders in a unique way. I hope it's a big success for them.

Inquiries please contact:
Annual Report Copyright QOL Co Ltd. Illustrations Copyright 2009 Sean Kane.
(QOL's line art logo was created by another artist.)

Navigating Workplace Change CD Cover Art

From a variety of projects lately, here's an illustration for an instructional CD about charting a course through the changing economy and business climate. Fun to use a whitewater kayaking metaphor to represent today's workplace.  And the CD has won an award, details here.

The client is Ceridian, a company which provides human resources and benefit services to corporations. They produce a number of these kinds of CDs for their clients' employees, and I've been fortunate enough to create cover art for a few of them with direction from Bright White Design.

The first go at the paddler artwork was a little too red and hot to handle, so I lightened the mood a bit with yellow and tightened the view of the rapids.

(Nothing like creating a painting to get one interested in a new endeavor. Perhaps I'll try my hand at whitewater kayaking one of these days...)
This kayaker illustration is available for print, web, and other licensing uses and as individual art prints.
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Sleep CD goes Gold -- TWICE!

TWO shiny awards (previously unknown to this artist) have gone to the CD "Sleep Better Now", whose cover I illustrated.

The CD received a Gold Spotlight Award from the League of American Communication Professionals (LACP) in the category of Video/Audio Presentations.

And the CD received a 2008 Gold MarCom Award (lovely lady at the right) from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The international award recognizes creative excellence in marketing and communication programs and materials.

It's fun to have played a role in this industry-recognized project and kudos to the team at Ceridian and Bright White Design!

(A better look at the cover art here.)