Smoking, Bread and Cowboys: New Spot Illustrations

A recent trio of spot illustrations I created are appearing in the Winter issue of Northeastern Law, the Northeastern University School of Law's magazine.


Nostalgia for the Marlboro Man Era


Gluten Suspects


Anti-Smoking Advocates' End Game: a Worldwide Ban

Thanks to the Northeastern U. magazine team!


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Getting Physical: Nonverbal Cues Say Plenty

Body Language Illustration for Stanford Graduate School of Business Magazine Sometimes the best part of being an illustrator is getting to read the articles that my artwork accompanies.

Sean Kane Body Language Illustration

Interesting piece in the Spring 2012 issue of the Stanford Graduate School of Business magazine describing the effects of body language. "Physical attributes and nonverbal cues both matter. People decide if you are competent in less than 100 milliseconds." Nice insights about non-verbal communication and the role it plays in our interactions. Check it out.

Great to be able to contribute to this article -- and to learn a little something in the process! Thanks to the folks at the GSB.

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Cyberbullying Shield: Protection from Online Threats Illustration

A Defense Against Online BulliesSean Kane Cyberbullying Shield Art Illustration This illustration was recently created for the Boy Scouts of America publication Scouting for an article about Cyberbullying and a national educational program called NetSmartz, a resource for learning how to keep kids safe online.

I arrived at this fiery solution through a number of sketch ideas:

Finally, a chance to depict a fire-breathing dragon and to work one into an illustration concept! (Perhaps I'll now earn the Art Merit Badge that eluded me as a young Tenderfoot Scout...)

Thanks to BSA!

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Using Social Media to Help Customers Find Your Treasures: Map Illustration

Can't beat being asked to create a pirate treasure map illustration, even a modernized one that includes Facebook and computer references.

That's exactly what MJSA Journal (the jewelry manufacturing industry magazine) asked of me to accompany an article about using social media to help connect with customers online and lead them to your products.

So for a while it was pirate time in the studio -- minus the hook hand, patch over one eye and peg leg perched on the desk!  Thanks to Tina at MJSA for steering the ship towards this fun solution!
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Illustration: Hooking up Healthcare Economics Data

Visualizing health economics data was the task recently for a feature illustration in Research News. The article  describes how scientists are evaluating whether a given medical intervention is a good use of healthcare effort and dollars, hooking up various data points to help make the best health policy recommendations.

Here's a peek at the sketch options presented after a session of pecking and scratching at the paper.

Thanks to Alberta Innovates -- Health Solutions  and Lime Design for the project!

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Magazine Illustration: Keeping the Bombshell to Yourself, Or Not

So you work in IT and have privileged access to confidential data and stumble upon sensitive material that could be a bombshell for corporate (and co-worker) well-being.  Do you keep it a secret or not? This was the latest dilemma illustration for the Everyday Ethics column in The UC Observer.

(Also, I realize, this pretty much visualizes the experience of me attempting to upgrade system software. Or how some feel when Google or Facebook, etc. change privacy practices. Name your tech headache, that's what I was after here.)

Thanks to Caley for all the great assignments for UC Observer.

Next time: The Graphis 100 Award -- Severely Cropped Edition
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Creating Illustrations: From Starting Block to Ta-Da!

Join me for a quick, light-hearted glimpse into my approach for creating playful artwork for clients' projects.

(If you can't see the video, click here.)

Thanks to my great client MJSA for the project featured in the video, an article about getting out of your comfort zone. You know, that comfortable place where we keep on doing what's worked in the past, even when it's no longer working and we're stuck.

See more upbeat examples of my work over at the editorial portfolio and corporate portfolio.
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Smoking in the Workplace Illustration

News today about New York City banning smoking in public spaces touched on the differences in smoking laws across the U.S. and reminded me of this smoking-related illustration I created a while back specific to the issue of workplace smoking.

Sean Kane art Smoking In Workplace

Little did I realize the wide spectrum of smoking legislation that exists, extending from bans in public spaces in some jurisdictions all the way to states without any laws governing smoking in private workplaces.

This artwork originally accompanied an article discussing the issue of workplace smoking in Japan for the publication Asia-Pacific Perspectives: Japan+.

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Eating Disorders Illustration and Other Artwork with Helping Hands

I recently completed this illustration for a sensitive magazine story about helping and supporting those with eating conditions like anorexia and bulimia.

It reminded me that I've used the concept of open, welcoming hands as an element in previous visual solutions. 

Sean Kane Anorexia Bulimia art

A good pair of hands can work well as a representation of a humane, personal element without the specificity of showing a face, which in most cases would compete with the message or just confuse.

Here are some hands providing an alternative to going to court over a legal matter, representing mediators and arbitrators as neutral ground for arriving at dispute resolution. This was for a Black Enterprise article a few years ago.

Sean Kane Mediation Arbitration art

And one more illustration with cupped hands that I've previously mentioned, also having a legal angle. This one relates to anti-truancy programs created by judges to assist and support young people who have walked away from the educational system.

Sean Kane School Truancy art

So, a little round-up of welcoming pairs of hands at work in a few of my illustrations. I know I've painted fists and drawn confrontational, "don't come any closer" hands for projects over the years, but I'm partial to these hands that help.

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Bright Future on the Horizon: Appleby College Illustration

It was a thrill kicking off the year by helping Appleby College, near Toronto, tell the story of their arts program with this sunny cover illustration for their quarterly magazine.

The private secondary school prides itself on the wide range of skills that their arts education provides students as they step into life beyond the classroom.

I had the pleasure of working on this with the design agency Bhandari & Plater in Toronto.

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