Print Portfolio featured in Exploring The Elements of Design

Appearing in an Art Classroom Near You: My big orange portfolio is profiled in the latest edition of the textbook, "Exploring the Elements of Design, 3rd Edition".


It's in a chapter about transitioning from student to pro, showing examples of promotional materials.

For the portfolio, I customized an off-the-shelf clamshell box with stained birch panels, laminate and plexiglass. With the ease of online and PDFs, this bird doesn't leave the studio as much as it used to, but it's great for in-person meetings (hint, hint!).


The textbook is by Poppy Evans and Mark A. Thomas, designers and past and current professors at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and is published by Cengage Learning.

It would be great if my orange box (along with the other fine examples shown) sparks a few ideas for students venturing into creative fields!


Inquiries about portfolios -- and the art that goes in 'em:

Baseball Glove Art Show Opens in New York City

Please join me for the Opening Night Party...

Friday, October 4, 2013, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, 67 E 11th Street (at Broadway), New York City, 212-226-7150

Baseball glove paintings are a slight detour from my usual illustration work and it would be a pleasure to share them with you in person.

Chat over a complimentary beer and ballpark snack while enjoying baseball art as never seen before.

See the lineup of all new glove paintings featuring baseball legends including Hank Aaron, Yogi Berra, Roberto Clemente, Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and others. Original glove art will be available for purchase.

Hope to catch you there!  (Click for more event info.)

Sean Kane Baseball Glove Art

Sean Kane Baseball Glove Art

Painted Baseball Glove Art Makes its Debut

Unique Baseball Artwork on Classic Gloves Featured on ESPN Holiday Gift Guide and Beyond

Baseball Glove Art featuring Jackie Robinson 42

A project in the works for about a year has come out swinging. My baseball artwork, which I'm calling 'Painted Glove Collectibles', is featured in the lead-off spot on's recent Holiday Gift Guide:

"1. Baseball glove artwork from Painted Glove Collectibles: Ontario-based illustrator Sean Kane buys up vintage baseball gloves and paints museum-quality baseball artwork on them, creating magnificent keepsakes that stand alone in the sports marketplace...each glove artwork is a one-of-a-kind item. Kane's attention to detail comes through in every little brushstroke. First-rate!"

Baseball Glove Art featuring Jackie Robinson 42

Born out of tinkering with how to overlap my loves of baseball and art, each painted glove artwork features player portraits, stats and highlights of their career. Teaming up a player with a glove from the era they played in is an added treat. Admittedly, it's a departure from my illustration portfolio.

Also, the Dodgers' Blue Heaven blog featured an interview with me about this project.

I've been approached by a fantastic NYC gallery specializing in baseball and a solo art exhibit of painted gloves is slated for Fall 2013. Proper announcement and details to come.

Baseball Glove featuring Fred Hutchinson

More info about the gloves can be seen here on my illustration site and at Painted Glove

Finally, a tip of the old baseball cap to a number of very kind, supportive, knowledgeable folks who have gotten behind this project. As I mention in the interview, it's very exciting to be able to create something unique that is resonating with baseball fans and those working around the game!

__________ Want to talk baseball glove art? Please get in touch: Artwork copyright Sean Kane.

Studio Moving Announcement: Cross-Country Train Version

This past month I've moved studio (and home) from coastal island life in the Pacific Northwest (or Southwestern Canada, depending on one's viewpoint) to the Great Lakes region. Making a cross-country move provided a perfect opportunity to travel in style. So we boarded The Canadian, VIA Rail's 4-day passenger train journey from Vancouver to Toronto.

Sleeper car cabins, dining car meals and dome car views made this a very memorable long-distance move (including time to doodle a bit).

[portfolio_slideshow id=584]

The new studio is set up and back to business as usual, now located an hour west of Toronto (in Guelph, Ontario). Away from work at the drawing desk I've so far managed to find a barber, a bike shop, and a seat at a Blue Jays baseball game-- vital elements in a new home town!

The new studio phone number is 519-836-5647 and my email remains


Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports Award: Something Missing

I'm proud to mention that a Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports 2011 Silver Award has gone to an annual report designed by the Japan-based agency KF Design. My artwork had a role in the design, used on the cover and inside of the report for QOL Co., Ltd., a Japanese pharmaceutical/retail company, seen here:

But, if you're thumbing through the Graphis annual, you won't be getting the full picture. Somehow they printed only a tiny, cropped portion of the cover of the award-winning work (and my illustrations). Doh!

An unfortunate editing error, to say the least. (Also, I was credited as the IllusTATOR; so throw a funny typo into the mix, too.)

Aside from the recognition, this is an ideal opportunity to mention the subsequent 2010 and 2011 Annual Reports for QOL Co, both of which utilize my illustrations in their design, also created by KF Design. 

Hats off to QOL for going in such a playful direction with their communications materials and to KF Design for being recognized for their high-quality work.

Next time: Getting the Best Bang for Healthcare Buck
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Illustration Appearing in BIKE ART: Bicycles in Art Around the World

Carpe Diem is an Athens, Greece-based group promoting art in the urban landscape, creating outdoor murals, festivals and exhibitions. Their latest book, BIKE ART: Bicycles in Art Around the World, curated and edited by Kiriakos Iosifidis, pays homage to the wonderful bike -- and I'm honored to have my design Fixies Jam included in the collection. 

Evan B. Harris' Bike by Land, Boat by Sea on the left; my Fixies Jam on the right.

The book, published by Publikat, presents works created on walls, canvas, paper, bike frames, clothing and more by an international team of artists including Taliah Lempert, Kevin Cyr, Mona Caron, Boris Indrikov, Matt W. Moore, Olek, David Gerstein, Duane Flatmo, and so many more.  The book also includes some amazing original designs for new bicycle forms.

Thanks to Kiriakos Iosifidis for asking me to participate in this volume. Bicycling is a big part of my life and it's exciting to be a part of this collected snapshot of bicycles in the world today.


This illustration is available for print, web, and product licensing uses.Inquiries & Commissions: Please contact All rights reserved. Copyright Sean Kane.

Three Years of Holiday Art Success for Rogers' Chocolates

It's a real pleasure hearing about my work playing a role in a product's success, and few are sweeter than the holiday gift tins for Rogers' Chocolates.

For the third year in a row my Dove and Skating illustrations are appearing on Rogers' Chocolates holiday gift boxes.

And, according to this flattering article published last week, my work helps the historic Canadian chocolatier sell 40,000 tins a year.

Fun to be featured this way and even more fun having my designs as part of tasty year-end gift-giving, again!

I'm also enjoying hearing how people are using the tins once the goodies are all gone —ranging from storing batteries and pencils to art supplies and Advil !

p.s. Thanks to Vivian at Black Press Media for visiting me in the studio.

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Flaunt: A new book featuring creative portfolios

The widely recognized graphic design / author team of Bryony Gomez-Palacio & Armin Vit of UnderConsideration have released their fourth book, Flaunt: Designing Effective, Compelling and Memorable Portfolios of Creative Work.

And I'm pleased to have my orange bird box portfolio appear in the book, along with an interview detailing the process of creating it — which involved some birch plywood, plastic screws, plexiglass, and more.

The couple included more than 40 case studies and interviews with creative professionals, detailing how to showcase one's work through an accessible, effective and creative portfolio -- from common approaches to offbeat executions.

Designers interviewed include Michael Bierut, Stefan Sagmeister, Carin Goldberg, Petrula Vrontikis, and others, as well as resources for creating memorable presentations.

Flaunt was published this month and is available in book and PDF format.

Middle & bottom photos courtesy Bryony Gomez-Palacio
Inquiries: Please contact

Illustration Contribution to Award Winning CD

Pleased to hear that an instructional CD produced by Ceridian Corporation, for which I created the cover art, has been awarded a 2009 Gold Spotlight Award by the League of American Communications Professionals.

LACP recognizes exemplary communications capabilities worldwide.
Kind of like a Grammy or Gold Glove award of the PR world — without all the singing or baseballs.

Hats off to Ceridian. The artwork and more about the project and client is here.

Artist Profile: A bit of Q&A and featured designs

Kate Harper Designs was kind enough to feature my fun bicycles and teapots and more along with an interview with me on the Greeting Card Designer Blog. A bit of a discussion about art licensing and inspiration.

Thanks to Kate and welcome to those visiting from her blog — Lots of useful art licensing, pattern and greeting card info and resources there.

Interview with Sean Kane ©Kate Harper Designs