Umbrellas Wedding Shower Greeting Card

Umbrellas Design Evolves into a Product for the Bride to Be The fine folks at Design Design Inc. have released a greeting card for the Wedding Shower niche (a card for every occasion!) with my Umbrellas artwork.

The creative team at Design Design was first attracted to the Spring Umbrellas design I presented to them.

I was thinking this art would find a home on Spring seasonal products or something along the lines of a journal cover or even a shower curtain.

They had other ideas for my Umbrellas, and wanted me to put a sweet, romantic, definitely feminine twist on the design. Happy to do so, below is the final artwork I delivered.

As happens with art licensing for products, this design got a work over in the client's shop and the card in the top photo is their result. The glitter added to the final product is a nice, sparkly touch.

Look for the card in your local shop and be sure to give it to a bride to be!

And if you're in the business, Design Design will probably be taking orders for the card at their booth at the National Stationery Show opening in New York this week, May 20-23.

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