Future Vehicles illustrations for New Kids Sticker Set

Artwork Featuring Fast, Fantastic, Fun Rides


Lots of fun playing with these designs for my latest batch of children's stickers.

Aiming for futuristic, but recognizable. Shiny and colorful, but not all chrome -- we needed variety for this assortment. Lots of ideas offered...


They're a nice companion to another batch of vehicle illustrations created for this client.

I could draw these all day long!  Big thanks to creative team at SmileMakers!

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Still Tasty: Artwork for Chocolate Gift Tins

Rogers' Chocolates has licensed my Skating image for another year, adding a decorative taste of Winter to their tin of 15-piece milk and dark chocolates.

For six years now this design has been a part of their product line -- that's some shelf life!

Great to see the continued success of this collaboration with Rogers' Chocolates.

And happy to know that people will be giving these chocolates as gifts again this holiday season!


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Children's Illustrations that go Vroom, Zoom and Beep!

Smiling Happy Artwork hits the road and takes to the skies for Sticker Product. I recently put the finishing touches on these kid-friendly illustrations for a set of fun vehicle stickers, available here.

Sean Kane Vehicle Stickers

These were painted with acrylics. Each printed sticker is 2.5 inches round. The airplane, helicopter, car, truck and motorcycle characters don't have names just yet, but I feel like they should!

Look for these the next time the kids are rewarded for a great trip to the doctor or dentist or elsewhere.

Thanks to the great folks at SmileMakers!

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