Print Portfolio featured in Exploring The Elements of Design

Appearing in an Art Classroom Near You: My big orange portfolio is profiled in the latest edition of the textbook, "Exploring the Elements of Design, 3rd Edition".


It's in a chapter about transitioning from student to pro, showing examples of promotional materials.

For the portfolio, I customized an off-the-shelf clamshell box with stained birch panels, laminate and plexiglass. With the ease of online and PDFs, this bird doesn't leave the studio as much as it used to, but it's great for in-person meetings (hint, hint!).


The textbook is by Poppy Evans and Mark A. Thomas, designers and past and current professors at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and is published by Cengage Learning.

It would be great if my orange box (along with the other fine examples shown) sparks a few ideas for students venturing into creative fields!


Inquiries about portfolios -- and the art that goes in 'em: