Future Vehicles illustrations for New Kids Sticker Set

Artwork Featuring Fast, Fantastic, Fun Rides


Lots of fun playing with these designs for my latest batch of children's stickers.

Aiming for futuristic, but recognizable. Shiny and colorful, but not all chrome -- we needed variety for this assortment. Lots of ideas offered...


They're a nice companion to another batch of vehicle illustrations created for this client.

I could draw these all day long!  Big thanks to creative team at SmileMakers!

Inquiries & Commissions for other zooming images— motorized or not: Please contact sean@seankane.com.


Illustration: Tuning A Saw Blade to Just the Right Tension

Guitar Tuner Helps Jewelers Cut It


This fun tip was illustrated for a Jewelry design industry magazine.

The article is about jewelry designers finding the perfect tension for setting their saw blade -- too tight and the blade snaps, too loose and it doesn't cut right.

One jeweler used a guitar tuner and plucks the blade. When it matches an A or an A#, it's ready!

Thanks to my client, MJSA.

Discovering and Investigating: Illustrating Information Gathering

A Closer Look at Procedures of Lawyers and Private Investigators

The American Bar Association commissioned these pieces for a couple of recent magazine articles.


Above: 'Your Opponent Can Discover Your Experts' considers how, surprisingly, opposing lawyers can request the name of every expert their counterpart may be using in a case.


The second piece, 'Friending, Pretexting and Private Eyes' concerns how private investigators may pretend to be someone they're not in order to obtain information, especially in online networking. Fake nose/glasses optional.

Thanks to the ABA!


Gingerbread Houses: 5 Illustrated Stickers

Gumdrops Galore in Sweet Holiday Kids Product


Just in time for the holidays: a new collection of festive illustrated Gingerbread Houses stickers.

Geared towards kids (and kids at heart), the gumdrop and frosting-filled stickers are produced by Smilemakers (available on their site).

I created the original painted illustrations in acrylic and the final sticker size is 2.5 inches (62mm) square.


Did I mention they are scented, too?-- scratch and sniff for a faint smell of holiday treats!

Thanks to the creative team at Smilemakers for the sweet project!  Happy Holidays.

5 Baseball-themed Designs for Bag Tags

Licensed Art for Sporty New Travel Gear.


I recently created a handful of new baseball-related designs for a line of fun, handsome Bag Tags in collaboration with the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse.

For a guy who loves baseball, this is an illustration project right in my wheelhouse.

Great for Luggage, Golf Bags, Gym Bags, Laptop Cases, Backpacks --you name it, the luggage tags are made from high-quality embroidery on sturdy twill fabric.

This is my first involvement in licensing art for a fabric product and I'm amazed at the details the manufacturer was able to capture.


The colorful designs include "Home Run", "Hands on Bat", "Pitches", "Scoreboard" and "Play Ball". The tags measure 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" with a contact info card in the reverse side pocket.

The "Sean Kane Collection" of bag tags made its successful debut at the National Stationery Show in 2014 and they are beginning to appear in gift retail outlets.

I expected these would be a hit with kids as well as older "kids at heart" and happily had this confirmed after giving away a few bag tags on my recent travels-- Smiles all around and quickly put onto backpacks and suitcases! I've currently got one on my favorite Filson bag.


Wholesale and retail bag tag orders can be made by directly on Bergino.com and by calling 1-800-556-9420.  

Big thanks to Bergino for approaching me to add to their all-star lineup of products.


Trial Lawyers as Storytellers: new Corporate Editorial Illustration

Writing a Trial Story that Comes to Life is Key to Courtroom Success


This art for the American Bar Association magazine 'Litigation' related to a young attorney learning the need to tell a story -- a complex one about a birth injury case -- and how to write it in a way that will engage and persuade a judge and jury.

Always a pleasure working with the ABA and thanks to them for being such fans of illustration.


Have a unique story to tell for corporate communications or editorial? Let's talk about the pictures to go with it! Inquiries: sean@seankane.com or phone 519-836-5647.


Still Tasty: Artwork for Chocolate Gift Tins

Rogers' Chocolates has licensed my Skating image for another year, adding a decorative taste of Winter to their tin of 15-piece milk and dark chocolates.

For six years now this design has been a part of their product line -- that's some shelf life!

Great to see the continued success of this collaboration with Rogers' Chocolates.

And happy to know that people will be giving these chocolates as gifts again this holiday season!


Looking for a sweet solution for your product? Let's chat. Inquiries: sean@seankane.com

Print Portfolio featured in Exploring The Elements of Design

Appearing in an Art Classroom Near You: My big orange portfolio is profiled in the latest edition of the textbook, "Exploring the Elements of Design, 3rd Edition".


It's in a chapter about transitioning from student to pro, showing examples of promotional materials.

For the portfolio, I customized an off-the-shelf clamshell box with stained birch panels, laminate and plexiglass. With the ease of online and PDFs, this bird doesn't leave the studio as much as it used to, but it's great for in-person meetings (hint, hint!).


The textbook is by Poppy Evans and Mark A. Thomas, designers and past and current professors at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and is published by Cengage Learning.

It would be great if my orange box (along with the other fine examples shown) sparks a few ideas for students venturing into creative fields!


Inquiries about portfolios -- and the art that goes in 'em: sean@seankane.com