Get your seasonal local fruits and veggies
 Drummer doing that drummer thing.  
 Tuscany or Napa... Olives or Grapes...
 The hottest of hot peppers. Client: All Nippon Airways. 
 Travel to Japan for Japan+ magazine.
 Non-verbal Cues Say Plenty: Body Language. Client: Stanford U.
 Red or White... French or Californian or...
 Soup! Client: Baylor University. 
 Sleep Better Now Book and CD Cover. Client: Ceridian.
 A Primer on Scotch Whisky for American Lawyer
 Protection against Cyberbullying. Client: Scouting Magazine.
 The Art of Distinction highlighting arts program for Appleby College
 Volunteers Coming Together When Disaster Strikes a Community for Southern Living Magazine
 Home Ownership Mortgage Campaign
 Learning English as a Second Language (ESL).
 Money Matters CD Cover
  Real Men Get Depressed for Baylor University
 Winter Getaway. From the office to the slopes.
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