Skating design for chocolates gift tin. Client: Rogers' Chocolates. More  info >
 Baseball-themed Bag Tags.  More info >
 Umbrellas wedding shower greeting card. Client: Design Design Inc.
 Classroom stickers featuring bugs, spaceships, dinosaurs, monkeys and more. Client: Highlights for Children. More  info >
 Body Language illustration for Stanford University Graduate School of Business. More  info >
 Sleep Better Now CD & Book Cover illustration. Client: Ceridian
 Print ad campaign for national mortgage lender.
 Annual Report cover illustrations. Client: QOL Co., Japan.
 Background illustration (not photo) for Playtex Baby ad campaign.
 Background illustration (not photo) for Playtex Baby ad campaign.
 Stationery designs. Client: MeebleMail.
 Spread from Annual Report with illustration incorporating elements of company logo. Client: QOL Co., Japan.
 Set of happy vehicles for kids stickers. Client: SmileMakers.
 Joining the Government Workforce. Client: Black Enterprise.
  Five Little Peas poem illustration for textbook. Client: Houghton Mifflin
 Magazine cover featuring benefits of Arts Education. Client: Appleby College.
 Cover and inside illustration for membership brochure. Client: Japan Pharmacy Society.
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